Colorado Rockies Notes, April 2 (W 6-5 @ Miami)

Rockies score like Rockies

Twelve hits! Six runs! Zero fireballers faced!

Giancarlo Stanton hits perhaps his best home run yet

I know the Marlins are outside our purview, but what kind of fans would we be if we didn’t pause of appreciate this? It is perhaps worth mentioning that Jordan Lyles gave up Stanton’s home run. He entered the sixth inning with just one run allowed, and by the time it was over he had faced three batters, been charged with three more runs, and failed to make an out. I find it hard to blame him. If you dig on Lord of the Rings, imagine Sauron swinging that enormous metal club, and you’ll have an idea of Stanton’s true talent level.

Carlos Gonzalez has the statistical profile of an elite basketball shooter

What? Clearly I’m an idiot, but hear me out. In the NBA, any player who makes 40 percent of his threes, 50 percent of all his field goals, and 90 percent of his free throws over an entire season joins an exclusive list of all-time great shooters. Right now, Carlos Gonzalez is posting a batting average of .400, an on-base percentage of .500, and a slugging percentage of .900. It’s cool, is all. Today is an odd day, for even though Gonzalez will be flying home to the best hitters’ park in the league, we can imagine that he will leave Miami, home of the worst hitters’ park in the league, with a tinge of remorse. Sometimes these things don’t travel with you.

The Rockies stay in Miami tomorrow for the fourth and final game of the series before going to Coors Field to play Arizona over the weekend.

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