Hot Sports Take: Puig Won’t Mess With Someone Bigger

Yasiel Puig showed us something today, showed all of us something. The Dodgers and the Giants squared off for control of the division now that the last week of the season has begun. After being struck by pitcher Peavy yesterday, Puig was plunked in the first inning of today’s game by the domineering San Francisco ace Madison Bumgarner.

Sure, the benches cleared, and the bullpens made a show of trotting across the grass—but that’s all it was: a show. Puig put on a show, and it was all bark, no bite. Pray imagine why Puig sat on the ground for 4.5 seconds (it’s okay, I timed it) before finally getting up—not to charge the mound, but to yap yap yap with his mouth. He was practically yelling “Hold me back!” Lucky for him, the home plate umpire obliged. Because otherwise, we would have had to tango with Bumgarner, a real country sonbitch, a burly confederate colonel who is as big as he is mean.

Bumgarner tossed his glove to the side and yelled, “Let’s go!”

Yasiel Puig replied, “Yeah, let’s go… to first base!” as he let Don Mattingly guide him tenderly toward the bag.

Puig knew he was doomed from the start. Bumgarner is one of the few major leaguers as competitive as Puig is, and he’s one of fewer who’s actually bigger than him as well. But a man as fiery as Puig purports to be shouldn’t care about the odds. His passion turned out to be for show. Bumgarner, who cranked a home run on an 0-2 curveball later in the game, actually does have that inner flame, and he could spot a craven from 60 feet away. Enough with Puig, already.

How could a guy who doesn’t even respect himself truly respect the game? #nocaptainmycaptain

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  1. Cumberland Gap says:

    So, BadGums gets a pass for being a Confederate racist?

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