Midnight Baseball Editorial Change

I must regretfully inform you all that I resign authorship of this site effective immediately. The workload is just too much for one man, particularly one who must choose between curating this place and actual moneymaking. Maybe I seem like a quitter, since it’s the day after Opening Day. The thing to take away here is that one day was all I needed to see my folly. So, really, you should commend me for being a quick learner.

You at least deserve an explanation. Let me narrate how I came to this teary decision. It was this morning around 6:53 AM. I had been working on the post comparing the home runs by Brandon Belt and Justin Smoak for five hours straight. I was exhausted. I had highlight videos of each home run open in separate tabs, and I was double-clicking as fast as possible to advance the video one frame at a time, taking screenshots of each frame as I went. Once I had all the screenshots I cut out the trimming around the video. I had to make sure that each frame was cut out to the same proportions. It was tedious and all the clicking hurt my knuckles something awful.

As I soaked my hand in hot yerba mate tea, I thought: “My life would be easier if I just stopped trying on this damn thing.” Wow, my first real epiphany. I finished the post about the home runs in a jiffy, because I don’t want anyone to say that I half-ass my responsibilities, and I put up a craigslist posting for the editorial vacancy. A Vermont man named Rich Crenshaw responded first–and, in my mind, last. His cover letter was outstanding, and in the negotiations between us he was a tough customer. I knew the site was in good hands. He even graciously agreed to publish this final post without editing first. He is a fugitive trucker help me help me help. Get ready for the new era of Midnight Baseball. I will be watching eagerly from the sidelines with the rest of you.

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