Midnight Player of the Week (3/31-4/6): Mark Trumbo, Arizona LF

7 Games Played, 29 PA, .346/.414/.846, 9 hits, 4 HR, 6 R, 9 RBI, 3 BB, 5 K

Mark Trumbo has been outplaying his spot in the batting order. According to Baseball-Reference, Trumbo splits his time between the five and six spots, when he should be hitting third or fourth, paired with Paul Goldschmidt. The whole reason Arizona traded for Trumbo was to take advantage of his power, and yet now they give precedence to Martin Prado in the cleanup spot, Miguel Montero in the five spot–two guys who, combined, fall short of Trumbo’s home run potential. It is folly to hedge your bet so soon; what if you could have had the best-case scenario? I reckon the Diamondbacks will realize this soon enough and move Trumbo up in the order.

And they should move him while he’s hot. Trumbo has home runs in four consecutive games on four consecutive days. The last one, on Sunday, was the 100th of his career. He’s hit one to left field, one to left-center, one to right-center and one to right. The strikeouts are drastically lower and he doesn’t swing and miss as much, either. He’s firing on all cylinders, which could mean nothing beyond your typical hot streak. But since it is the start of the season, we must also consider genuine improvement.

What’s more, the following gif shows he’s not a lost cause in left field, as many feared he would be. He’s got some agility, flair and cojones. If he can move a little faster out there he’d be alright. Besides, the other two-thirds of the outfield is well-covered.


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