Opening Day Stats

It was a quirky day for offense in the AL West. The four teams playing today hit .255 in 141 at-bats. That’s 36 hits, resulting in 23 runs scored. The hits came in bunches, accompanied by 17 walks. The Mariners drew eight of those walks, in what was truly a team effort from the Angels’ pitching staff. Justin Smoak smashed a home run and what’s really jarring is that runners were on base when he did it.

In his first plate appearance of the season Mike Trout went yard of King Felix. To be fair to the King, he was in a foreign land.

San Francisco at Arizona: Balls flew all over the place and past many a stumbling infielder. The Giants and Diamondbacks combined to hit .350 (28 for 80) with nine extra-base hits. Buster Posey put the Giants ahead in the ninths with a home run off face of the second deck.

Besides a Carlos Gonzalez home run, the Rockies were stymied by Jose Fernandez, while the Rangers scored eight on Cliff Lee and still couldn’t win.

Oakland lost, making 10 consecutive Opening Day losses, and fans booed Jim Johnson after he allowed two runs in the ninth that broke a scoreless tie.

To balance all those hitting statistics… AL West pitchers had a 6.75 ERA in 36 cumulative innings, allowing 42 hits, striking out 44 and walking 19. Nobody can throw worth a damn, that much is obvious, and I’ll stake my reputation on it. The Astros haven’t opened their season yet; for now the title of best pitching staff in the division rests comfortably in Houston.

NL West pitchers were even worse, sporting a 7.96 ERA, 23 runs in 26 innings pitched, giving up 42 hits. They walked only seven batters and struck out exactly one batter for every inning pitched, however. Regardless, they’re all bums.

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