Poll: Could Craig Gentry Have Caught This Ball?


(This will become a thing. Maybe I’ll call it Centerfielding, because I thought of that when I was making up the tags for this. If you have a better name I’m all ears. The crowd judges the talents and actions of centerfielders, allowing for a different kind of comparison than just number-to-number with some advanced metric.)

1 thought on “Poll: Could Craig Gentry Have Caught This Ball?

  1. Bryan K. says:

    Is it possible? Sure, if he sprinted and dove he probably COULD have caught the ball, but it looks like it’s the bottom of the 10th and you’re always taught to keep the ball in front of you. A single isn’t a death sentence, but if he dives and doesn’t come up with that ball it’s atleast a double. Easy for a bunt and a sac later and the A’s lose.

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