Preview Appendix: Starting Pitcher Player Ratings

Scott Baker’s recent release is just one development that alters my ratings of each team’s pitching staff. Now, at the close of spring training, teams are settling their rosters in ways I did not expect. Below you will see my ratings as I gave them and also adjustments made necessary by the moves of the last few days. Those adjustments will be in red. If you disagree with any of my player ratings, you can type in your own and the Team Score will change accordingly. Perhaps you want Kershaw to be bound by the rules of the system; fine, then, give him a 5 and watch the Dodgers’ score go down to 339. Have a ball! A disco ball!

(Note: For whatever reason, clicking on a cell in the spreadsheet below will jerk you back to the top of the page. So don’t do that. Once you select a cell and get rudely yanked up top, scroll back down to where you can see the entire table again and then use your arrow keys to move around the spreadsheet. Sorry about the inconvenience.)

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