Some Facts About the Diamondbacks’ Pathetic Run Prevention

1. In 17 games this season the Diamondbacks have given up 110 runs, most in the majors.
2. The Chicago White Sox have allowed the second most runs of any team, with 77 in 14 games played.
3. The White Sox are therefore separated from Arizona by 33 runs.
4. Four teams have allowed only 39 runs so far–Detroit, Seattle, Milwaukee and Atlanta.
5. The White Sox are separated from those four first-place teams by 38 runs.
6. The Diamondbacks are on pace to allow 1,048 runs this season.
7. That’s clearly not going to happen. No team has allowed even 900 runs in the last five years, probably the last ten. I don’t think anyone has allowed 1,000 since the Detroit Tigers in 1996, who allowed 1,103. The 2012 Colorado Rockies allowed 890, for the most in the five years I checked.
8. Six pitchers have thrown at least 10 innings for the Diamondbacks and five of them have an ERA over 5.00. (Yosh Collmenter is the exception.) Four of them have an ERA over 7.00.
9. The Diamondbacks have been worst in the league at stranding runners on base. Luckily for them this is one of those stats that should normalize. I guess they are lucky that everything is so bad it stands to normalize.

I’ll do like the Mets did today and stop at nine. Cheer up, Diamondbacks fans, this simply can’t last much longer.

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