The Coors Field Effect on This Year’s Colorado Rockies

It is true almost every year, but especially in this young 2014 season, that the Colorado Rockies have an offense that no other team in the major leagues can hope to match, thanks to the obscene run environment of their home park Coors Field. I say obscene because in the… Read more“The Coors Field Effect on This Year’s Colorado Rockies”

April’s Player of the Month: Troy Tulowitzki, Colorado SS

27 G, 111 PA, 32 H, 21 BB, 13 K, 9 2B, 7 HR, 24 R, 22 RBI, .364/.477/.727 I continue with a long series of brief posts regarding the recently terminated month of April. In said month Troy Tulowitzki performed better at the plate than in any other month… Read more“April’s Player of the Month: Troy Tulowitzki, Colorado SS”

Weekend Preview April 18 – 20

Six of our 10 teams in the AL and NL West play each other this weekend, so there are seven series to rank based on their level of intrigue. As the season progresses and stats stop looking like gibberish, and as experience teaches me, I will add more and more… Read more“Weekend Preview April 18 – 20”

Time to Talk Standings

We’re basically ten percent into the season, and the standings at this point look plenty interesting. There is a standings page here at Midnight Baseball, besides standings you’ll find projections that modify themselves after I input the results of each game. Since that page sometimes takes a few seconds to… Read more“Time to Talk Standings”

Colorado Rockies Notes, April 2 (W 6-5 @ Miami)

Rockies score like Rockies Twelve hits! Six runs! Zero fireballers faced! Giancarlo Stanton hits perhaps his best home run yet I know the Marlins are outside our purview, but what kind of fans would we be if we didn’t pause of appreciate this? It is perhaps worth mentioning that Jordan… Read more“Colorado Rockies Notes, April 2 (W 6-5 @ Miami)”

Opening Day Stats

It was a quirky day for offense in the AL West. The four teams playing today hit .255 in 141 at-bats. That’s 36 hits, resulting in 23 runs scored. The hits came in bunches, accompanied by 17 walks. The Mariners drew eight of those walks, in what was truly a… Read more“Opening Day Stats”

2014 NL West Preview

The Los Angeles Dodgers are the best team in the National League and the other four teams in the division are no slouches themselves. The cellar of this division is miles above the cellars of the Central and East. The Rockies are just a couple of arms away from having… Read more“2014 NL West Preview”