Dustin Ackley is But a Shade

Many of us who are on the internet at this hour (4:52 AM for me) go around sometimes feeling like shabby versions of ourselves, or, worse, like shabby versions of other people. It’s not an idea you can easily put out of your head when you are trying to sleep,… Read more“Dustin Ackley is But a Shade”

Pujols Hits No. 497 and Complementary Highlights

(When I talked about home run 496, I pledged to cover the way to 500, and I’ll probably note when he passes some famous old-timers as well.) Friday against the Detroit Tigers Albert Pujols barreled a ball over the left field fence and now only three home runs stand between… Read more“Pujols Hits No. 497 and Complementary Highlights”

Distinguishing Between the Giants and the Dodgers (Update 4/18)

San Francisco and Los Angeles have played six times so far, San Francisco winning four. Today they finished a three-game set in San Francisco whose games had a combined margin of three runs. The run differentials are nearly identical, as is everything about the offenses so far; the Giants have… Read more“Distinguishing Between the Giants and the Dodgers (Update 4/18)”

Behold Sam Fuld for He May Be Gone Soon

According to the rigorous folks who provide injury news for fantasy players, Oakland Athletics outfielder Craig Gentry should be coming off the disabled list tomorrow. Someone must be correspondingly deactivated, and that will likely be outfielder Sam Fuld. The A’s only carry four outfielders, but there’s no reason for them… Read more“Behold Sam Fuld for He May Be Gone Soon”

Good/Bad Defense: Third Base

Two gifs courtesy of today’s games illustrate in a nutshell the consequences of good defense. First, we look at young Matt Dominguez of the Houston Astros. He’s alright with the glove, not the best but renowned for keeping his eye on the ball and undergoing hilarious face contortions when throwing… Read more“Good/Bad Defense: Third Base”

A Brief History of Lincecum and Goldschmidt, or: David and Goliath, But Goliath Always Wins

Those are all six of Paul Goldschmidt’s home runs against Tim Lincecum. The last one occurred yesterday, and the first one is in fact the first home run of Goldschmidt’s career. According to ESPN’s Home Run Tracker, the six home runs have had true distances of 433, 428, 419, 380,… Read more“A Brief History of Lincecum and Goldschmidt, or: David and Goliath, But Goliath Always Wins”

Home Run Battle: Brandon Belt versus Justin Smoak

For your consideration we have one Brandon Belt, a man who resembles a giraffe, a man who was told in a Huff that he wasn’t good enough, a man who wears his baseball pants above the calf. Once he had a throng of self-appointed apologists, but he has succeed in… Read more“Home Run Battle: Brandon Belt versus Justin Smoak”

Hunter Pence and Throwing Like You Don’t Have an Elbow

San Francisco outfielder Hunter Pence nailed a possibly inebriate Mark Trumbo at third early in the Giants’ Opening Day victory against the Arizona Diamondbacks. Look at the ball just shoot out of his hand. That’s a throwing form unlike anyone else’s. Luckily for you, the aspiring big leaguer, Pence, for… Read more“Hunter Pence and Throwing Like You Don’t Have an Elbow”

Seth Smith Platoon Smash

What happens when a player up in the count against an opposite-handed pitcher gets an 87-mph mistake that starts on the outside and breaks in toward the middle of the plate. Smith’s home run captured the attention of about 70 percent of the people behind home plate, but no one… Read more“Seth Smith Platoon Smash”