Perspective on the Giants’ Power Woes

The Giants’ record is one thing, some operatic tragedy that has the gentle people of San Francisco seriously worried the team won’t win the World Series this year. I could talk about that, but I’ll throw maybe three extra views Grant Bisbee’s way over at McCovey Chronicles: he covered their… Read more“Perspective on the Giants’ Power Woes”

Hunter Pence and Throwing Like You Don’t Have an Elbow

San Francisco outfielder Hunter Pence nailed a possibly inebriate Mark Trumbo at third early in the Giants’ Opening Day victory against the Arizona Diamondbacks. Look at the ball just shoot out of his hand. That’s a throwing form unlike anyone else’s. Luckily for you, the aspiring big leaguer, Pence, for… Read more“Hunter Pence and Throwing Like You Don’t Have an Elbow”