Matt Shoemaker Gives the Angels 5 Good Starters

In the American League there are only two starting rotations in which all five players have an ERA under 4.00. The Oakland A’s have a 2.87 ERA from their starting rotation, and at present the starting five goes Drew Pomeranz (0.95 ERA as a starter, 1.38 overall), Tommy Milone (3.50),… Read more“Matt Shoemaker Gives the Angels 5 Good Starters”

Player of the Week (4/28 – 5/4): Joe Smith, Los Angeles Angels RP

Week Stats: 3 G, 3.0 IP, 3 SV, 10 TBF, 2 H, 0 BB, 0 R, 2 K What gives Angels relief pitcher Joe Smith such a serene comportment? Is it the knowledge that no one has or will ever get his name wrong? Is it a natural byproduct of… Read more“Player of the Week (4/28 – 5/4): Joe Smith, Los Angeles Angels RP”

Pujols Hits No. 497 and Complementary Highlights

(When I talked about home run 496, I pledged to cover the way to 500, and I’ll probably note when he passes some famous old-timers as well.) Friday against the Detroit Tigers Albert Pujols barreled a ball over the left field fence and now only three home runs stand between… Read more“Pujols Hits No. 497 and Complementary Highlights”

Time to Talk Standings

We’re basically ten percent into the season, and the standings at this point look plenty interesting. There is a standings page here at Midnight Baseball, besides standings you’ll find projections that modify themselves after I input the results of each game. Since that page sometimes takes a few seconds to… Read more“Time to Talk Standings”

And Now Our Watch Begins: Albert Pujols Hits 496th Career Home Run

I know a good many people have become disillusioned with statistical milestones that once inspired awe–home run milestones most of all. The 500 home run club has swelled from 15 members to 25 in the last 15 seasons. Those 10 new members mark the most new members in any fifteen-year… Read more“And Now Our Watch Begins: Albert Pujols Hits 496th Career Home Run”

Opening Day Stats

It was a quirky day for offense in the AL West. The four teams playing today hit .255 in 141 at-bats. That’s 36 hits, resulting in 23 runs scored. The hits came in bunches, accompanied by 17 walks. The Mariners drew eight of those walks, in what was truly a… Read more“Opening Day Stats”

2014 AL West Preview

Spring training is almost over and it’s finally time to do season previews. The two west divisions figure to be the best in baseball, with 9 of the 10 teams commonly projected to finish above .500 or right around it. Today, in the AL West Preview, you’ll learn about that… Read more“2014 AL West Preview”