Quickly Going Through Jonathan Villar’s Quick At-Bats

The Houston Astros did not play their first game until today. Major League Baseball tried to slip their debut by us the way a teenager past curfew tries to slip past the parents’ bedroom. That’s my working hypothesis, anyway. I can’t see any other reason for there to be, in… Read more“Quickly Going Through Jonathan Villar’s Quick At-Bats”

Home Run Battle: Brandon Belt versus Justin Smoak

For your consideration we have one Brandon Belt, a man who resembles a giraffe, a man who was told in a Huff that he wasn’t good enough, a man who wears his baseball pants above the calf. Once he had a throng of self-appointed apologists, but he has succeed in… Read more“Home Run Battle: Brandon Belt versus Justin Smoak”

Opening Day Stats

It was a quirky day for offense in the AL West. The four teams playing today hit .255 in 141 at-bats. That’s 36 hits, resulting in 23 runs scored. The hits came in bunches, accompanied by 17 walks. The Mariners drew eight of those walks, in what was truly a… Read more“Opening Day Stats”