First Dataset of the Year: Two Week Team Trends

I’ve waited two weeks and I can’t wait any longer. There isn’t much data to go on after half of April but I will find out what I can. I will take statistics from Fangraphs and look at them for a long time until something clicks, just like I always… Read more“First Dataset of the Year: Two Week Team Trends”

Mariners Sweep Angels, Rule American League

The Seattle Mariners lead the majors in home runs, with six. They outscored the Angels 26-8 in three games, and they are the only team to have a run differential greater than seven. Justin Smoak has a slugging percentage greater than 1. Yesterday a rookie pitcher on whom playoff hopes… Read more“Mariners Sweep Angels, Rule American League”

Quickly Going Through Jonathan Villar’s Quick At-Bats

The Houston Astros did not play their first game until today. Major League Baseball tried to slip their debut by us the way a teenager past curfew tries to slip past the parents’ bedroom. That’s my working hypothesis, anyway. I can’t see any other reason for there to be, in… Read more“Quickly Going Through Jonathan Villar’s Quick At-Bats”

A.J. Ellis Leads Dodgers in Patience

Not only does Los Angeles Dodgers catcher A.J. Ellis put up with Yasiel Puig’s frequent hijinks, he demonstrates superb patience in the batter’s box as well. Six Dodgers have at least 13 Plate Appearances, and Ellis leads the group with 57 pitches seen. These are the kind of stats you… Read more“A.J. Ellis Leads Dodgers in Patience”