Time to Talk Standings

We’re basically ten percent into the season, and the standings at this point look plenty interesting. There is a standings page here at Midnight Baseball, besides standings you’ll find projections that modify themselves after I input the results of each game. Since that page sometimes takes a few seconds to… Read more“Time to Talk Standings”

First Dataset of the Year: Two Week Team Trends

I’ve waited two weeks and I can’t wait any longer. There isn’t much data to go on after half of April but I will find out what I can. I will take statistics from Fangraphs and look at them for a long time until something clicks, just like I always… Read more“First Dataset of the Year: Two Week Team Trends”

What is Making Arizona So Abysmal?

Let us immediately rule out the offense, which is doing just fine for a National League club. No, the problem is run prevention, not scoring. As our or any standings will show you, the Diamondbacks have given up 64 runs, by far the most in the bigs, 10 more than… Read more“What is Making Arizona So Abysmal?”