Wilton Lopez Will Do Better Next Time


The White Sox walloped the Rockies yesterday, and no Rockie was abused more than right-handed reliever Wilton Lopez. This is the picture of a man who is about to hit Rock (heh heh) bottom:


As you can see, Lopez had given up no more home runs than you or I have. That would not be the case after the first batter of the inning. Nor would it be the case after the second batter of the inning, and not just because the first batter already hit a home run. The second guy hit one, too. And the seventh guy. All told Lopez gave up eight hits to 10 batters. At that rate of four hits per out recorded, Lopez would need to give up 108 hits to toss a complete game. Unfathomable, I know. No way the opposing team would keep trying to get hits after the second or third inning, assuming they have a pitcher who isn’t also imploding.


Avisail Garcia tagged him for for the first and last runs of an inning that served to double Colorado’s deficit. The best thing that could be said about Lopez’s performance is that it enabled third baseman Nolan Arenado to do this:


Later in the inning Arenado had pretty much the same ball and juuuuuust missed it.

Eventually Lopez gets pulled for another reliever, Tommy Kahnle, and his frustration is evident on the long walk back to the dugout. Catcher Wilin Rosario could not even pay attention to the meeting on the mound; he had to make sure Lopez was okay.


It’ll be better next time, but heck if it doesn’t hurt now, you know?

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